20 January 2014

Just In @ Stockertown Beverage

Featured Brewery


Hopnotic IPA Available in 4/6pk, 1/6s & 50L

Colonel Blides ESB Available in 4/6pk, 50L

American Pale Ale Available in 4/6pk

East Coast Lager Available in 4/6pk & 50L

Nocturne Chocolate Ale Available in 4/6pk, 1/6s & 50L

*Smoked Rye-7.9%bABV, 35 IBU  Featuring six different grains, including cherry-wood and birch-wood smoked grains, this big beer is a unique experience unto itself. It’s lightly bittered with nugget hops allowing the smoked malt, subtle fruitiness and spice of the rye malt to shine through.

* Jersey Devil Red-7.4% ABV, 66.6 IBU  Generous amounts of specialty grains combined with Centennial and Zythos hops provide a perfect balance of tropical fruit and malt. Incredibly flavorful, this red-hued beer leaves the taste buds tantalized, such that they can be satisfied with nothing less than another sip of this robust brew

Small Batch Ales Available in 50L

Also Available From Cricket Hill:

CASK- Hopnotic IPA

Double IPA 1/6s

Big Little IPA 1/6s

Cascade Brown 1/6s

Black IPA 50L

Just in!!

Breckenridge Vanilla Porter 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s, Also Nitro 1/2s

Breckenridge Agave Wheat 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Breckenridge Avalanche & Oatmeal Stout 4/6pk

Erie Drake's Crude & Derailed 4/6pk

Erie Railbender 1/6s

Erie Variety

Jolly Pumpkin Maracaibo 1/6s

Full Pint All in Amber, Chinookie White lightning, Tri-PA imp IPA, Variety bottles

Full pint GUS IPA, Chinookie IPA & White Lightning 1/6s & 1/2s

Full Pint Berliner Weisse 1/6s

Hoppin' Frog BORIS, DORIS, Outta Kilter Scotch, Hoppin to Heaven, Mean Manalishi 22oz

Lancaster Hop Hog, Pale Ale, Milk stout & Strawberry Wheat 4/6pk

Penn Chocolate Meltdown 4/6pk, 2/12pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Penn Nut Roll 1/6s & 1/2s

Penn Pilsner, Alleghany Pale ale, Dark, Marzen 4/6pk

Southampton Double White 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

13 January 2014

Just In @ Stockertown Beverage


Thomas Hooker Chocolate Truffle Stout- 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Rivertowne All Aboard Anniversary Stout 4/6pk(LIMTED RELEASE)

Breckenridge Ophelia 4/6pk, 1/2s

Just in!

Bear Republic Racer 5 2/12pk, 4/6pk, 1/6s, 1/2s

Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye & Red Rocket 4/6pk

Duck Rabbit Variety

Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Duck rabbit Porter 4/6pk, 1/2s

Duck Rabbit Milk stout 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

River Horse Oatmeal Milk Stout 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Southampton Double White & IPA 4/6pk

Free Will Techno IPA 4/6pk & 1/2s

Free Will Hop Geek 4/6pk

Free Will Destiny's Wit 4/6pk

Lancaster Milk stout, Strawberry Wheat, Pale Ale & Hop Hog 4/6pk

Coming Soon!

Erie Drakes Crude, Derailed, Variety

Jolly Pumpkin Maracaibo 1/6s

06 January 2014

Just In @ Stockertown Beverage

Hope every had a wonderful holiday!!

Look what's New!!!!

Breckenridge Ophelia- New Spring Seasonal(Pandora's Bock discontinued)

-filtered hoppy wheat ale with a light wheat taste accented with mosaic and palisades hop. 5% ABVAvailable in 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Just in!

Southampton Imperial Porter 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Founders Imperial Stout 6/4pk, 1/4s & 1/2s

Free Will 7 Course Red 1/6s & 1/2s

Free Will 10W Porter 1/6s & 1/2s

Cricket Hill Smoked Rye 50L

Cricket Hill Jersey Devil Red 50L

Summit Extra Pale ale 4/6pk, 2/12pk

Summit Saga 1/6s

Summit IPA 4/6pk

Jolly Pumpkin Fuego 1/6(first time available in draft)

Ramstein Winter Wheat 1/2s

Roy Pitz Lay Down Stay Down 1/6s & 1/2s

Last Chance!

Founders Breakfast Stout draft


Cricket Hill Hopnotic firkin

Free Will 10W Porter Pin

Free Will techno firkin

Free Will pale Stout pin

Free Will Sputnik 18(Hoppy red) firkin

Arriving this week!

Bear Republic

River Horse Oatmeal Milk Stout

Thomas Hooker Chocolate Truffle Stout