20 May 2013

What’s New @ Stockertown Beverage

Coming Soon:

Rivertowne CANS-hala kahiki, Old Wylie's IPA, Grateful White,Variety

River Horse Summer Blonde

Available draft(not all styles available in each county, some in limited quantities):


1/2s- decadent dark chocolate ale, dirty blonde, vanilla java porter, voodoovator, summertime ale, grand circus IPA

1/6s-decadent dark chocolate ale, dirty blonde, teufel, vanilla java porter, summertime ale, grand circus IPA

Bear republic

1/2s- Hop rod rye, Racer 5 IPA, Nor Cal, XP, Red rocket

1/2 CASKS- Racer 5, XP

1/6s- Big Bear Black Stout, Hop rod rye, racer 5 IPA, Red rocket


50L- Abbey brown

1/6s- Abbey brown, double BW, monster mash, two blind monks, wooden beanie


1/2s- 471IPA, 471ESB, Avalanche, Lucky you IPA, Vanilla porter

1/6s- pandora's bock, 471 IPA, avalanche, agave wheat, oatmeal stout, lucky you IPA, vanilla porter


50L/1/2s- ESB, dopplebock, Golden ale, nut brown

Cricket hill

1/2s- Hopnotic IPA, Colonel blide's bitter, East coast lager

1/6s- hopnotic IPA, Belgian Dubbel, cascade brown, Double IPA, Jersey devil red, colonel blide's bitter, imperial IPA, east coast lager

Duck Rabbit

1/2s- porter, baltic porter, schwarzbier, Rabid duck Imp. stout, wee heavy scotch,milk stout

1/6s- porter, baltic porter, amber, rabid duck, wee heavy scotch, milk stout, barleywine


1/2s- drakes crude oatmeal stout, railbender

1/6s- drakes crude oatmeal stout, railbender

Free Will

1/2s- 10w porter, coffee oatmeal brown, pale stout, Techno IPA, community kolsch

1/2s Nitro/Low gas- citra

1/6s- citra, kolsch


1/2s- all day IPA, centennia, pale ale, porter, reds rye

1/4s- all day IPA, centennial, dirty bastard, porter, reds rye

Full Pint

1/2s- chinookie IPA, Night of the living stout, Tri-PA imperial IPA, White lightning

1/2 CASK- hobnobber

1/6s- chinookie IPA, rye rebellion, white lightning


1/2s- Mischievous Brown, Idle hands IIPA

Lake Placid

1/2s- IPA, Ubu ale, nippletop

1/6s- IPA, Nippletop


1/2s- hop hog, lager, milk stout, pale ale, strawberry wheat, black boar, cream ale, pilsner

1/2s Nitro/Low gas- Cream ale, milk stout

1/6s- hop hog, lager, milk stout, pale ale strawberry wheat, billy's bock, black boar, cream ale, kolsch

Old forge

1/2s- celestial blonde, eleven black ale, hopsmith lager, Overbite IPA, T-Rail pale ale

1/6s- eleven black ale, el gordo stout, Ol' Smithy ale, overbite IPA, T-Rail pale ale


1/2s- kaiser pils, summer berry, weizen

1/6s- kaiser pils, pilsner, weizen



River Horse

1/6s- tripel, oatmeal milk stout, double wit


1/2s-old wylie's IPA, Hala kahiki(pineapple ale), grateful white

Roy Pitz

1/2s- best blonde, daddy fat sacks IPA, ludwig's revenge, old jail ale, truly honest ale

1/6s- best blonde, daddy fat sacks IPA, ludwig's revenge, old jail ale, truly honest ale


1/2s- dopplebock

1/6s- bier blanche, double pale ale, saison cuvee, apiarius, pumpkin saison

1/6s Nitro/low gas- session porter, triple pale ale


1/2s-Abbot 12, keller pils, bier de garde, double white

1/6s- keller pils


1/2s- Extra pale ale, horizon red, summer ale, organic ale, abbey ale, Meridian

1/2s Nitro/low gas- oatmeal stout

16s- extra pale ale, horizon red, saga, summer ale, Old 152, meridian

1/6s Nitro/low gas- oatmeal stout

Thomas Hooker

1/2s- Hopmeadow IPA

1/6s- hopmeadow IPA, watermelon ale


1/2s- Maple nut brown, pick axe IPA, buttheadbock

1/6s- hop strike, maple nut brown, saison, jack whacker wheat


Rock Art

50L- Belvidere IPA, jasmine pale ale, Vermonster, red ale, Russian Imperial stout, magnemus ESB

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