29 October 2012

Just In & Hurricane Deliveries @ Stockertown Beverage

Due to the current and expected weather situation, Stockertown Beverage will not be delivering this week on Monday and Tuesday. Deliveries will resume on Wednesday. This may cause deliveries to be different than normal delivery days.

Just in!

Thomas Hooker Nor'Easter 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

23 October 2012

New Beer as of 10/23 @ Stockertown Beverage


Just in!

Atwater Decadent dark chocolate ale & voodoovator 12oz

Breckenridge Christmas Ale 4/6pk, 1/6s 1/2s & NEW!!! 2/pk 5 liter mini kegs

Breckenridge Vanilla porter 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

breckenridge Avalanche amber ale 4/6pk & 1/2s

Breckenridge agave wheat 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Breckenridge oatmeal stout 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Breckenridge lucky you IPA 4/6pk & 1/2s

Breckenridge variety

Duck Rabbit Marzen 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Cricket Hill Fall Festivus 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Erie Variety 2/12pk

Erie railbender, Presque Isle Pils, Misery Bay IPA, Mad anthony pale ale

Hoppin' frog Silk porter, BORIS, Hoppin to Heaven IPA, Mean manalishi, Barrel Aged BORIS 12/22oz

Lancaster Milk stout 4/6pk

Pretty Things Babayaga 12/22oz & 1/2s

Full Pint Night of the Living Stout 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Full Pint Tri-PA Imperial IPA & Chinookie IPA 4/6pk, & 1/2s

Full Pint Weizen Bocktoberfest 1/2s- NEW!!!

Rock Art belvidere IPA 50L

Rock Art vermonster & Magnemus ESB 12/22oz

Roy Pitz Gobbler Lager 1/2s

Roy Pitz Ludwig's revenge, Old Jail Ale, Daddy Fat Sack's IPA & variety 12oz

Southampton Burton IPA 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Free Will Citra Pale Ale & Pale Stout 1/6s & 1/2s

Lake Placid IPA & UBU ale 4/6pk

Lake Placid variety 2/12pk

Thomas Hooker Blonde Ale, Irish Red & Hopmeadow IPA 4/6pk

LOW GAS/Nitro options:

Lancaster Milk stout, Cream Ale & shoofly Porter 1/2s

Summit Oatmeal Stout 1/6s & 1/2s

Citra Pale ale 1/2s(coming soon)

Last Chance!!

Duck rabbit Doppelbock & barleywine 4/6pk

Duck rabbit Schwarzbier 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Climax oktoberfest 4/6pk

Lancaster Oktoberfest 4/6pk & 1/6s

Lancaster Shoofly Porter 1/6s, 1/2s

Summit Oktoberfest 1/2s

Summit Fall Sampler 2/12pk

Founders Old Curmudgeon 12oz

Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela 12/25oz

Pretty Things Lovely saint Winefred,Once Upon a time - 1945 Mild & 1838 Mild 12/22oz

River Horse Hipp-o-lantern 1/6s

Penn oktoberfest 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Rock Art Imperial Pumpkin Spruce Stout 12/22oz & 50L

Roy Pitz Hefeweizen 1/6s & 1/2s

Roy Pitz Truly honest 1/2s

Southampton Pumpkin 4/6pk & 1/2s

Southampton Abbot 12 & Keller Pils 1/2s

Free will Napolean Sour 1/6s & 1/2s

Thomas Hooker Octoberfest 4/6pk & 1/2s

Coming Soon!!

Hoppin' Frog Goose Juice 12/22oz

Penn Gourmet variety 2/12pk

Penn Dark, Pilsner, Weizen 4/6pk

Cricket Hill American ale & East Coast lager 4/6pk

Cricket Hill East coast Lager, Hopnotic IPA, Colonel blides bitter 50L

Cricket Hill Double IPA 1/6s- NEW!!!

Summit Saga IPA

Thomas Hooker Hopmeadow IPA 1/2s

08 October 2012

Stockertown Beverage Featured Brewery: Climax Brewing

Climax Brewing Company

Roselle Park, NJ

India Pale Ale Label
India Pale Ale Header

  • IBU: 42
  • ABV: 6%
  • Serving Temp: 45°
  • Color: Copper

This American-style, hop-driven beer starts with a citrus flavor, followed by two layers of caramel, and finishes on a hoppy note.

"Smooth with a layered malt background; very long, late soft development of hop character. A hoppier beer but remarkably well balanced."

Michael Jackson—The Beer Hunter


Extra Special Bitter Label

  • IBU: 32
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • Serving Temp: 45°
  • Color: Amber

Our E.S.B. is a balanced beer with notes of honey, toffee and caramel, backed by a warm spicy hop bitterness.

"This beer has a clean, soft, malty start, developing honeyish notes and finishing with a late, dry subtle hoppiness."

Michael Jackson—The Beer Hunter



  • IBU:
  • ABV:
  • Serving Temp: 45°
  • Color: Yellow

Our Golden Ale is a light, crisp, yellow ale with hop-notes and citrus flavors. It's a smooth, easy drinking summer beer that's perfect for drinking on hot days and with light fare such as seafood and salads.


Nut Brown Ale Label
Nut Brown Ale Header

  • IBU: 25
  • ABV: 5.2%
  • Serving Temp: 45°
  • Color: Ruby-Brown

This style of beer is based on the English Mild, which was a combination of a stout and a lighter beer favored by coal miners in Scotland, Ireland and North England.
We've brought together the grains used to make both a Stout and a Pale Ale and balanced them in our Nut Brown Ale to produce a beer with a chocolate and molasses flavor and hints of caramel and coffee in the background


Hefeweizen Wheat Ale Label
Hefeweizen Wheat Ale Header

  • IBU: 12
  • ABV: 4.8-5.2%
  • Serving Temp: 45°
  • Color: Golden

Hoffmann Hefeweizen is our newest offering and is a traditional German wheat beer made from 60% wheat malt and 40% barley malt. Wheat Ales such as this typically have banana and clove flavors but as Dave dislikes clove, he used a special yeast to strengthen the banana flavors. Hefeweizen is a nice, light, crisp summer beer that can be served with lemon or flavored syrups. AVAILABLE IN 50L


  • IBU: 18
  • ABV: 6.2%
  • Serving Temp: 45°
  • Color: Pumpkin Orange

Oktoberfest is typically available from August to November and has toasty caramel and malty flavor. It is made from German Noble Hops and massive amounts of Munich Malt, which give it an orange color.


Just in!!!

Pretty Things Babayaga 12/22oz & 1/2s

Rock Art Variety

Rock Art Imperial Pumpkin Spruce stout 12/22oz & 50L LAST CHANCE!!

Rock Art Magnemus ESB & Vermonster 12/22oz

Coming Soon!

Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela 12/25oz

ShawneeCraft Oktoberfest 1/6s, Pumpkin saison 1/6s, Low Gas Bourbon Barrel aged porter 1/6s(not available in all counties)

02 October 2012

Just In @ Stockertown Beverage



Old forge : T-rail pale ale 16oz cans, Celestial Blonde 1/2s, Pumpkin 1/2s, T-rail pale ale 1/2s

Just In!!

Roy Pitz Gobbler Lager 1/6s & 1/2s

Atwater Lager cans

Bear republic big bear black stout 22oz, 1/6s & 1/2s

Bear Republic Pete's Tribute Brown 22oz

Climax ESB, IPA, Golden Ale 4/6pk

Climax ESB, Golden ale, IPA 1/2s

Climax hefeweizen 50L

Duck Rabbit Marzen 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Duck rabbit Milk stout, hoppy bunny, brown, amber, variety 12oz

Erie Fallenbock 4/6pk

Hoppin' Frog Frog'd hollow double Pumpkin, BORIS, Hoppin 2 Heaven, Barrel-aged BORIS 22oz

Lancaster oktoberfest, hop hog, strawberry wheat barn variety 12oz

Lancaster Low Gas- 1/2 Cream Ale, Milk stout, Shoofly Porter

Lancaster 1/2s- Strawberry wheat, celtic rose, lager, milk stout,hop hog, shoofly porter

Lancaster 1/6s- Shoofly porter, milk stout, pilsener, strawberry wheat, boss hog, hop hog

Penn Oktoberfest 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Ramstein Oktoberfest 1/2s

Southampton Pumpkin 4/6pk & 1/2s

Southampton IPA 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Southampton Double White 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Thomas Hooker Octoberfest 4/6pk & 1/2s

Thomas Hooker Irish red & blonde ale 4/6pk

Lake Placid Ubu ale, IPA 4/6pk

Lake Placid Variety 2/12pk

Full Pint 12oz- all in amber, chinookie, hobnobber ale, rumpelpilsen, white lightening, variety

Full Pint 1/6s- Chinookie IAP, Hobnobber, White lightening, all in amber

Full Pint 1/2s- White lightening, Tri-PA Imperial IPA, chinookie IPA, Hobnobber,

Full Pint Cask- Hobnpbber

Free will 1/2s- Hop geek , destiny's wit, citra pale ale, pale stout

Free will 1/6s- Hop geek, citra pale ale, pale stout

Last Chance!

River Horse Hippolantern imperial pumpkin 1/6s & 1/2s

Breckenridge Autumn 1/6s & 1/2s

Summit Fall sampler

Thomas Hooker Octoberfest 1/6s

Full Pint Night of the living stout 12oz, 1/6s & 1/2s

ShawneeCraft 1/6s- Biere Blanche, saison cuvee, Low gas tripel pale ale