11 June 2012

New Beers as of 6/11 @ Stockertown Beverage

Featured Brewery Roy Pitz

NOT available in Adams, Berks, Chester, Cumberland Franklin, Juniata,Lancaster, Perry, Sullivan, and York Counties


Daddy Fat Sacks IPA(English IPA 7.5% ABV) 4/6pk-NEW!!! 1/6s, and 1/2s

Old Jail Ale (English/American brown 5% ABV) 4/6pk-NEW!!! and 1/2s

Ludwig's Revenge(Smoked Dark German Lager 5% ABV)  4/6pk-NEW!!!  and 1/2s

Best Blonde Ale (German Blonde Ale 4.5% ABV)  4/6pk-NEW!!!


Truly Honest Ale (English Style Bitter 6% ABV)   1/2s


Available draft:(NOT all breweries available in all counties)

Free Will Citra 1/6s, Destiny's Wit 1/6s & 1/2s, 7 course red ale 1/2s(quantities low)

Full Pint 1/6s-Tri- PA, White Lightening, All in Amber, Chinookie IPA, Hobnobber

Full Pint 1/2s- Tri-PA, White lightning, All in Amber, GUS, Perc E Bust Porter, RumpelPIls

Full Pint Casks- Hobnobber

ShawneeCraft 1/6s-Apiarius, Belgian Dubbel, Double Pale Ale, Triple,

ShawneeCraft(nitro/Low Gas) 1/6s- Bourbon Barrel aged Porter, Session porter, Triple Pale Ale

Atwater 1/6s- Teufel,Vanilla Java Porter, Dirty Blonde, VJ Black

Atwater 1/2s- Grand Circus IPA, Dirty Blonde, Voodoovator

Bear Republic 1/2s-Pete's Tribute Brown,Racer 5 IPA, Heritage, Red Rocket, XP ALe, Hop rod Rye

Bear republic 1/6s-Racer 5 IPA, XP ALe, Red Rocket, Hop rod Rye

Bear Republic Casks- XP Ale, Racer 5 IPA

Boaks Double BW 1/6s & 50L

Breckenridge 1/6s- ESB, Avalanche Amber, Oatmeal Stout, Vanilla Porter, 471 IPA, Lucky You IPA,Summer Bright,

      Agave Wheat, Regal Pils

Breckenridge 1/2s- Avalanche, Oatmeal Stout, Vanilla porter, 471 IPA,Lucky you IPA,Summer Bright, Agave Wheat

Climax 1/2s-Tuxedo Imperial Stout,Golden ALe, IPA

Cricket Hill 1/6s-Hopnotic IPA, East Coast Lager, Imperial IPA

Cricket Hill 1/2s-Hopnotic IPA, Colonel Blides Bitter, Jersey Summer, Nocturne

Duck Rabbit 1/6s- Hoppy Bunny, Rabid Duck, Milk Stout, Porter(last Chance), Brown, Amber

Duck rabbit 1/2s-Hoppy Bunny, Amber ale, Milk Stout, Brown, Rabid Duck

Erie- 1/6s- Derailed, Railbender, Ol' Red

Erie 1/2s- railbender

Founders 1/6s- Pale ale, Reds rye,centennial IPA

Founders 1/4s- Porter

Founders 1/2s-Dirty bastard, Pale Ale, Reds Rye, Centennial, Porter, Breakfast Stout

Lancaster 1/6s-Hop Hog, Pilsener, Strawberry Wheat,, Milk Stout,Doppelbock, Cream Ale, Celtic Rose

Lancaster 1/2s-Amish Pale ale, Hop Hog, Lager, Pilsner, Strawberry Wheat, Milk Stout, Double Chocolate Milk Stout, Kolsch(last Chance)

Pretty Things 1/2s-Baby Tree, Field Mouse

Ramstein 1/2s- Blonde wheat, Dark Wheat

River Horse 1/6s Chocolate porter, Dunkel Weizen, Double Wit, Oatmeal Milk stout, Summer Blonde

River Horse 1/2s- Chocolate porter, Summer Blonde, Double Wit, Hopalotamus

Rock Art 50L-Vermonster, Red Ala, Ridgerunner, Double IPA

Southampton 1/2s- Abbot 12, Double White, Bier de Mars, Burton IPA, Keller Pils

Southampton 1/6s- Burton IPA, Keller Pils

Summit 1/6s- Extra Pale Ale, IPA, Maibock, Horizon Red ale, Dunkel Weizen, Oatmeal Stout(Low gas/Nitro),Summer Ale, Saga IPA

Summit 1/2s- Pilsener, Oatmeal Stout(Low gas/ Nitro), Great Northern Porter,Horizon Red, Summer ale, Saga IPA

Thomas Hooker 1/6s-Hopmeadow IPA

Thomas Hooker 1/2s-Irish Ale

Tommyknocker 1/6s- saison, Maple nut brown, pick axe IPA, Jack Whacker wheat, Vienna Amber, Alpine pIls, Imperial Nut Brown,

      Hop Strike IPA

Tommyknocker 1/2s-Saison, Maple Nut Brown, Pick Axe IPA, Jack Whacker WHeat, Hop Strike IPA

Lake Placid 1/6s- Hefeweizen

Lake Placid 1/2s- hefeweizen, Ubu ale

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