27 June 2012

Just In & Atwater Brewery Featured @ Stockertown Beverage

Featured Brewery


Detroit, MI


Atwater Summer Party Variety 2/12pk  NEW!!!

- Includes: Summertime Ale, Traverse City Cherry Wheat, Dirty Blonde & Purple Gang Pils



Atwater Summertime Ale 4/6pk  NEW!!!

Atwater Vanilla Java Porter 4/6pk Also in 1/6s

Atwater Dirty Blonde 2/12pk cans  NEW!!! Also in 1/6s & 1/2s

Atwater Conniption Fit Double IPA 6/4pk & 1/2s  NEW DRAFT!!!


Also Available:

Atwater Lager 2/12pk cans

Atwater Teufel 1/6s

Atwater VJ Black 1/6s

Atwater Grand Circus IPA 1/2s


Just in!! Only available in select counties!!!

Duck Rabbit Doppelbock 12oz, 1/6s & 1/2s- Seasonal

Duck Rabbit Hoppy Bunny 4/6pk & 1/6s

Duck Rabbit Variety

26 June 2012

Stockertown Beverage Closed on July 4th 2012

Wednesday July 4th 2012 Stockertown Beverages wholesale division will be closed. All normally scheduled Wednesday deliveries (Montgomery, Delaware & Chester counties)will be delivered on Tuesday July 3rd.  We ask that all Thursday deliveries be called in Tuesday July 3rd by 5pm.


Have a Happy Holiday!!


The staff of Stockertown Beverage

18 June 2012

Southampton Featured @ Stockertown Beverage & Just In!



Keller Pils (german Pilsener) 5.0%ABV  4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Bier de Mars (Bier de garde) 6.5%ABV  4/6pk & 1/2s- LAST CHANCE!!

Double White(Witbier) 6.7% ABV  4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Burton IPA(English IPA) 6.5%ABV   4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Abbot 12(Quad) 10.5%ABV   12/25oz & 1/2s

  Cuvee Des Fleurs(Farmhouse ale) 8.2%ABV   12/25oz


Just In!!!

Lancaster Kolsch cans

Lancaster Amish, strawberry Wheat, Hop Hog 4/6pk

Lancaster Barn Variety

Lancaster Low Gas Cream Ale 1/2


Import Draft(some draft in limited quantities)


30L Key kegs:

Amager imperial Stout

Beer Here Dark Hops

Blaugies La Moneuse

Blaugies Saison

De La Senne Stouterik

De Molen Amarillo

De Molen Hemel & Aarde

De Molen Molenbier

De Molen Op & Top

De Proef K-O Blonde

Djaevlebryg Gudelos


Haand Bryggeriet Dark Force

Haand Bryggeriet Dobbel Dram

Jandrain IV, V, VI

Kerkom Bink Bruin

Kerkom Bink Grand Cru

kerkom Bink Triple

Mikkeller 10

Mikkeller Monks Brew

Nogn-O #100

Nogne-O Ageir Collaborator Doppelbock

Nogne-O Imperial Brown

Nogne-O Porter

Nogne-o road India Saison

Nogne-O Sunturnbrew

Nogne-O Tiger Triple

Nogne-O Wit

Slaapmutske Tripel

Sainte-Helene Grognarde


20L key keg:

Struise shark Pants

Struise Witte


30L Keg:

De Ranke Guldenberg

De Ranke XX Bitter

Kulmbacher Eisbock

Monchshof Kellerbier

monchshof Schwartzbier

Weissenohe Bonator


50L keg:

EKU Pils

Kulmbacher Pils

Mahr's Hell

Mahr's Ungespundet

11 June 2012

New Beers as of 6/11 @ Stockertown Beverage

Featured Brewery Roy Pitz

NOT available in Adams, Berks, Chester, Cumberland Franklin, Juniata,Lancaster, Perry, Sullivan, and York Counties


Daddy Fat Sacks IPA(English IPA 7.5% ABV) 4/6pk-NEW!!! 1/6s, and 1/2s

Old Jail Ale (English/American brown 5% ABV) 4/6pk-NEW!!! and 1/2s

Ludwig's Revenge(Smoked Dark German Lager 5% ABV)  4/6pk-NEW!!!  and 1/2s

Best Blonde Ale (German Blonde Ale 4.5% ABV)  4/6pk-NEW!!!


Truly Honest Ale (English Style Bitter 6% ABV)   1/2s


Available draft:(NOT all breweries available in all counties)

Free Will Citra 1/6s, Destiny's Wit 1/6s & 1/2s, 7 course red ale 1/2s(quantities low)

Full Pint 1/6s-Tri- PA, White Lightening, All in Amber, Chinookie IPA, Hobnobber

Full Pint 1/2s- Tri-PA, White lightning, All in Amber, GUS, Perc E Bust Porter, RumpelPIls

Full Pint Casks- Hobnobber

ShawneeCraft 1/6s-Apiarius, Belgian Dubbel, Double Pale Ale, Triple,

ShawneeCraft(nitro/Low Gas) 1/6s- Bourbon Barrel aged Porter, Session porter, Triple Pale Ale

Atwater 1/6s- Teufel,Vanilla Java Porter, Dirty Blonde, VJ Black

Atwater 1/2s- Grand Circus IPA, Dirty Blonde, Voodoovator

Bear Republic 1/2s-Pete's Tribute Brown,Racer 5 IPA, Heritage, Red Rocket, XP ALe, Hop rod Rye

Bear republic 1/6s-Racer 5 IPA, XP ALe, Red Rocket, Hop rod Rye

Bear Republic Casks- XP Ale, Racer 5 IPA

Boaks Double BW 1/6s & 50L

Breckenridge 1/6s- ESB, Avalanche Amber, Oatmeal Stout, Vanilla Porter, 471 IPA, Lucky You IPA,Summer Bright,

      Agave Wheat, Regal Pils

Breckenridge 1/2s- Avalanche, Oatmeal Stout, Vanilla porter, 471 IPA,Lucky you IPA,Summer Bright, Agave Wheat

Climax 1/2s-Tuxedo Imperial Stout,Golden ALe, IPA

Cricket Hill 1/6s-Hopnotic IPA, East Coast Lager, Imperial IPA

Cricket Hill 1/2s-Hopnotic IPA, Colonel Blides Bitter, Jersey Summer, Nocturne

Duck Rabbit 1/6s- Hoppy Bunny, Rabid Duck, Milk Stout, Porter(last Chance), Brown, Amber

Duck rabbit 1/2s-Hoppy Bunny, Amber ale, Milk Stout, Brown, Rabid Duck

Erie- 1/6s- Derailed, Railbender, Ol' Red

Erie 1/2s- railbender

Founders 1/6s- Pale ale, Reds rye,centennial IPA

Founders 1/4s- Porter

Founders 1/2s-Dirty bastard, Pale Ale, Reds Rye, Centennial, Porter, Breakfast Stout

Lancaster 1/6s-Hop Hog, Pilsener, Strawberry Wheat,, Milk Stout,Doppelbock, Cream Ale, Celtic Rose

Lancaster 1/2s-Amish Pale ale, Hop Hog, Lager, Pilsner, Strawberry Wheat, Milk Stout, Double Chocolate Milk Stout, Kolsch(last Chance)

Pretty Things 1/2s-Baby Tree, Field Mouse

Ramstein 1/2s- Blonde wheat, Dark Wheat

River Horse 1/6s Chocolate porter, Dunkel Weizen, Double Wit, Oatmeal Milk stout, Summer Blonde

River Horse 1/2s- Chocolate porter, Summer Blonde, Double Wit, Hopalotamus

Rock Art 50L-Vermonster, Red Ala, Ridgerunner, Double IPA

Southampton 1/2s- Abbot 12, Double White, Bier de Mars, Burton IPA, Keller Pils

Southampton 1/6s- Burton IPA, Keller Pils

Summit 1/6s- Extra Pale Ale, IPA, Maibock, Horizon Red ale, Dunkel Weizen, Oatmeal Stout(Low gas/Nitro),Summer Ale, Saga IPA

Summit 1/2s- Pilsener, Oatmeal Stout(Low gas/ Nitro), Great Northern Porter,Horizon Red, Summer ale, Saga IPA

Thomas Hooker 1/6s-Hopmeadow IPA

Thomas Hooker 1/2s-Irish Ale

Tommyknocker 1/6s- saison, Maple nut brown, pick axe IPA, Jack Whacker wheat, Vienna Amber, Alpine pIls, Imperial Nut Brown,

      Hop Strike IPA

Tommyknocker 1/2s-Saison, Maple Nut Brown, Pick Axe IPA, Jack Whacker WHeat, Hop Strike IPA

Lake Placid 1/6s- Hefeweizen

Lake Placid 1/2s- hefeweizen, Ubu ale

04 June 2012

Duck Rabbit Featured @ Stockertown Beverage

imageDuck Rabbit Hoppy Bunny(Black IPA) 4/6pk,1/6s & 1/2s-NEW!!!!!!

(Not available in All counties)


Available Duck Rabbit products:


Variety- Hoppy Bunny, Amber, Brown, MilkStout

Amber- 4/6pk,1/6s & 1/2s

Milk Stout- 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s

Brown-4/6pk, limited amount of 1/6s & 1/2s

Porter- 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s- LAST CHANCE UNTIL LATER IN YEAR


Baltic Porter-4/6pk

Rabid Duck-Imperial Stout- 1/6s &1/2s


Just In!!!

Breckenridge Summer Bright 24/12 oz cans- NEW!!!!

Breckenridge Summer Bright 1/6s & 1/2s

Breckenridge Lucky You IPA 24/12oz cans

River Horse Triple 4/6pk (not available in all counties)

River Horse Summer Blonde 4/6pk,1/6s & 1/2s