29 September 2011

New CANS Just In @ Stockertown Beverage

Just In!!
Atwater 12oz CANS- Lager
Atwater 12oz CANS Crand circus IPA
Rock Art Vermonster & Ameri-Belgo IPA 12/22oz
Rock Art Variety
Rock Art Imoerial Pumpkin Spruce Stout 12/22oz & 50L
Rock Art Magnemus ESB 50L
Jolly Pumpkin Parcela 12/25oz

26 September 2011

New Beers as of 9/26 @ Stockertown Beverage..Rock Art, Founders…

Just In!!
Innstaadt- Helles, Edulsud, Dopplebock, hefeweizen, Extra schwartz 16oz
Rock Art Imperial Pumpkin Spruce Stout 12/22oz & 1/2s
Ramstein dunkel 4/6pk & 1/2s
Founders Breakfast Stout 12oz, 1/6s & 1/2s
Coming Soon!!
Jolly Pumpkin Parcela 12/25oz & 1/6s

21 September 2011

New Beers & Full Pint Brewing @ Stockertown Beverage

imageJust in from North Versailles, PA- FULL PINT BREWING
RumpelPilsener : Crisp clean goodness Available in 12oz bottle loose & 1/2s
TRI-PA IMPERIAL IPA: More hops 9% ABV. Available in 12oz bottle loose
Perc E Bust Porter: Robust Porter brewed with coffee. Available in 12oz bottle loose & 1/2s
Chinookie IPA: Western PA loves its hops! Available in 4/6pk & 1/2s
All-In Amber: Their most balanced easy to drink offering. Available in 4/6pk & 1/2s
White Lightning: A great wit spiced with sweet orange peel, coriander and grains of paradise.  Available in 4/6pk & 1/2s
Variety:RumplePilsener, Chinookie IPA,All-in Amber, White Lightening 12oz loose
Also Just in!!!
Ramstein Dunkelweiss- 1/2s & 4/6pk

19 September 2011

New Beers as of 9/19 @ Stockertown Beverage

Available in select counties only!
Penn oktoberfest 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s
Penn Kaiser pils 4/6pk
Penn Pilsner 4/6pk,1/6s & 1/2s
Penn Anniversary imperial Pils 22oz
River Horse Hippo-lantern 4/6pk & 1/2s
River Horse hopalotamus 1/6s & 1/2s
River Horse Triple 1/6s & 1/2s
Atwater Blocktoberfest 1/6s
Atwater Vanilla Java Porter 4/6pk, 1/2s
Climax Oktoberfest & Nut Brown 4/6pk
Duck rabbit Marzen 12oz & 1/2s
Pretty Things St Botolph's & Baby Tree 1/2s
Rock Art Belvidere IPA 50L
Roy Pitz Ichabod's Pumpkin & Gobbler Lager 1/6s & 1/2s
Southampton Pumpkin 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s
Southampton IPA 1/2s
Southampton Double White 1/6s  & 1/2s
Weissenohe Monk's Fest 50L
Thomas Hoooker Octoberfest & IPA 1/2s
Tommyknocker Sampler(NEW DESIGN)
Boaks Two blind Monks 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s
Cricket Hill Fall festivus 12oz, 1/6s & 1/2s
Lancaster Shoofly Porter 1/6s & 1/2s(1/2s also in Low gas/Nitro pour)
Summit Oktoberfest 12oz, 1/2s
Summit fall Sampler
Summit porter & IPA 4/6pk
Lake Placid Variety
Imports Just In!!
Struise Pannepot 24/12oz
Kulmbacher Eisbock 24/12oz
Cuvee De Ranke 12/25oz
De ranke Guldenberg & Noir 24/12oz
Ellezelloise hercule Stout 24/12oz
Coniston Bluebird Bitter 24/16oz
La Choulette Framboise 24/12oz & 12/25oz
La Choulette Sans coulotte 12/25oz
Weissenohe monk's fest 20/16oz
Page-24 hildegard Blonde 12/25oz
Struise Pannepot 20L Key Keg
De La Senne Taras Boulba 30L key keg
Slaapmutske triple Nightcap 30L Key keg
Monchshof Kellerbrau 30L
De Molen Cease & Desist 30L Key keg
De Molen Hel verdoemenis 30L Key keg
Haandbryggeriet Norwegian Wood 30L key keg
Haandbryggeriet Odin's Tipple 30L key keg
Nogne-O Batch #500(Imperial IPA) 30L key keg
Last Chance
Ramstein oktoberfest 1/2s
Summit Honey Moon Saison 1/6s & 1/2s
Summit Silver Anniversary 1/2s
Thomas Hooker Octoberfest 4/6pk
Coming Soon
Tommyknocker Pumpkin 4/6pk
Atwater blocktoberfest 4/6pk
Rock Art Imperial Pumpkin Spruce Stout 22oz & 1/2s
Lancaster Octoberfest 1/6s & 1/2s

02 September 2011

Bear Republic Just In @ Stockertown

Reminder!!! We are closed Monday 9/5 in observance of Labor Day.
Deliveries will resume on Tuesday.
Just in!!!
Bear republic racer 5 12oz
Bear republic 22oz- Racer 5 , Hop rod Rye, Big Bear Black Stout
Bear republic 1/6s- Racer 5, Hop Rod Rye, Red Rocket & XP

01 September 2011

New Beers as of 9/1 & Breckenridge Regal Pils NOW @ Stockertown Beverage


A double Pilsner with distinct hoppy attributes and a pronounced malty backbone. It is strong in character and steadfast in its resolve to provide maximum drinking pleasure.
Beer Style: Imperial Pilsner
Flavor: Refreshing yet round, incredibly balanced.
Yeast: Lager
Malts: Pilsner, Caramel
Hops: Sterling, Magnum
Color: Bohemian Gold
Bitterness Units: 45
Alcohol by Volume: 7.7%
Available in 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s.   Please call for special pricing!
Just In!!
Middle Ages Variety
Penn Oktoberfest 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s(available in select counties)
Penn Berry Weiss 12oz
Tommyknocker Pumpkin 1/6s
Tommyknocker Hopstrike(Black rye IPA) 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s
Tommyknocker Maple nut brown 4/6pk & 1/2s
Breckenridge 471 IPA 12oz & 22oz
Breckenridge Autumn 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s
Erie Railbender ,Mad Anthony & variety 12oz(availble in select counties)
Founders Pale Ale 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s
Founders Dirty Bastard 4/6pk & 1/2s
Founders Porter 4/6pk & 1/2s
Hoppin' Frog Double Pumpkin 22oz
Hoppin' Frog Hop 2 Heaven IPA 22oz
Lancaster Octoberfest 1/6s & 1/2s only
Rock Art Belvidere IPA 50L
Rock Art Variety
Roy Pitz Old Jail Ale 1/6s & 1/2s
Roy Pitz Ludwig's Revenge(Rauchbier) 1/6s & 1/2s
Roy Pitz daddy Fat Sacks IPA 1/6s & 1/2s
Southampton Double White 1/6s
Southampton Pumpkin 4/6pk
Lake Placid Variety 2/12pk & Ubu Ale 4/6pk
Atwater Vanilla Java Porter 1/2s
Ramstein Blonde 50L
Climax IPA 50L & 1/2s
Last Chance!!
Summit Silver Anniversary Ale 4/6pk & 1/2s
Summit Unchained series- Honeymoon Saison 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s