22 February 2011

New Beer as of 2/22 @ Stockertown Beverage

imageBiere De Mars
Southampton's Biere de Mars is brewmaster Phil Markowski's classic interpretation of an authentic French farmhouse-style Biere de Mars. Our version is brewed with a blend of wheat and barley malts and a generous amount of continental hops. It is cool fermented and aged to give it a clean, smooth, lager-like character. Available in 4/6pk cases, 1/6s & 1/2s!!
What's NEW!!!
Duck Rabbit barleywine cases, 1/6s & 1/2s
Pretty Things Jack D'or 22oz cases & 1/2s
Penn (only available in select counties!!!!)
-NEW!!!! Allegheny Pale Ale 4/6pk & 1/6s
-Marzen 12oz loose, 1/6s & 1/2s
-Dark 4/6pk, 1/6s & 1/2s
-Pilsner 1/6s & 1/2s
-Variety 2/12pk
-Brewer's select 1/6s & 1/2s(Chocolate meltdown- choc milk stout)
Lancaster Dopplebock 1/6s
Lancaster Double Chocolate milk stout 1/6s & 1/2s
Roy Pitz Chicken leg Oatmeal stout & Old Jail Ale 1/6s & 1/2s
Ramstein Dunkel wheat cases
Draeckenir 12oz
Kilmbacher eisbock 6pk
Monchshof swarzbier 16oz
Achel Blond & Bruin 12oz
Achel Trappist extra 25oz
De Molen Engels 12oz
Hook Norton Hooky Bitter & Old Hooky 16oz
Ellezolloise hercule stout 12oz
Coming Soon!!!!
Jolly Pumpkin Madrugada 1/6s & 25oz
Jolly Pumpkin Baudelaire Ale Absurd(red saison) 25oz
Founder's variety & Porter cases
Middle Ages Beast Bitter, Grail Ale & Impaled ale 12oz cases
Middle Ages Wailing Wench 22oz
Last Chance Seasonals!!!
Atwater Winter Bock & Voodoovator cases & 1/2s
Breckenridge Pandora's bock Cases & 1/6s
Cricket hill Porter cases, 1/6s & 1/2s
Cricket hill Reserve 1/2s (wet hopped dark Mild or brown ale)
Cricket Hill Nocturne(dark Lager) & Barleywine 22oz
Duck rabbit baltic porter cases & 1/2s
Erie Ol'Red cases, 1/6s & 1/2s (Available in select counties!!!)
River horse Belgian freeze 12oz (Available in select counties!!)
Hoppin' Frog Doris the destroyer 22oz
Lancaster Boss hog 1/2s, Winter warmer 1/6s & 1/2s
Roy Pitz Ludwig's Revenge(rauchbier) 1/2s
Southampton Imperial Porter 12oz & 1/6s
Thomas Hooker Nor'Easter cases
Lake Placid Winter Lager 12oz & 1/2s
Tommknocker Butthead bock 12oz

07 February 2011

Beer News & New Beers @ Stockertown Beverage

Cricket Hill
The official beer for the Philly Roller Girls!
Lets start with their Reserve Series beer : Bourbon Barrel aged Porter. This beer has aged over 4 months in barrels from the Buffalo Trace Distillery! Chocolate and coffee overtones of a fine Porter mingle perfectly with vanilla and bourbon notes from the White Oak making this incredible beer delightfully smooth and an aromatic masterpiece! available in 22oz bottles
Their Seasonal Paymaster Porter has once again lived up to its reputation. This beer has a  rating of 91 by Rate Beer!   The Paymaster's  Porter is a dark brown Ale with major coffee flavors but no burned aftertaste. The background is slightly chocolate with wonderful candied undertones. It finishes with a marvelous mixture of chocolate and coffee. A non-filtered ale that lives up to the gentle session beer reputation that their brewery has become well known for. available in 12oz bottles, 1/6s & 50Ls
They have brewed another  Reserve Series American Brown Ale  by popular demand!  available in 50Ls
And lets not forget their Reserve Series Barleywine! This is a full flavored yet highly drinkable session beer! It has all the malty richness and hop flavor of a classic Barleywine style Ale, but with a reasonable 8% ABV. An overall gentle, balanced profile that might win over even the most stalwart of light beer drinkers! available in 1/6s and 22oz bottles
What's New!!!
Lancaster Dopplebock 1/6s & 1/2s
Lancaster Double Chocolate Milk Stout 1/6s & 1/2s
Lancaster Baltic Porter 1/6
Lancaster Pilsner 1/2s
Duck Rabbit Barleywine cases, 1/6s & 1/2s(arriving this week)
Bear Republic XP(extra pale ale) 22oz nr
Summit Spring Samplers, Maibock cases, 1/6s & 1/2s
Summit Pilsner 1/2s
Roy Pitz Best Blond 1/2
Back in Stock!!
Lancaster Barn Variety, Milk stout and Strawberry cases
Breckenridge Agave Wheat & Oatmeal stout cases
Boaks Monster Mash 1/6s, Two Blind Monks 50L & Double BW 50L
Check out the link of Brian Boak on WILK FM this past Friday!!
Southampton IPA 1/2s
Bear republic Hop Rod Rye & Red Rocket 12oz nr
Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout 22oz
Arriving this week!!
Pale Ale cases & 1/6s
Reds Rye cases, 1/6s & 1/2s
Double Trouble cases, 1/6s & 1/2s
Dirty Bastard cases 1/6s & 1/2s
Imperial stout cases & 1/6s...VERY LIMITED!!!
Centennial IPA Cases, 1/6s & 1/2s
Southampton Bier de Mars cases, 1/6s & 1/2s
Last Chance!!!!
Hoppin' Frog Doris, Oaked Boris & Silk Porter 22oz nr
Southampton Imperial Porter cases & 1/6s
Lake Placid Winter Lager cases & 1/2s Only $120 a keg
Thomas Hooker Nor'easter cases
Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter 1/2s
Atwater Winter Bock cases & 1/2s
Atwater Voodoovator 1/2s
Ramstein Dunkel cases
Pick up customers please note: please allow 48 hours to prepare your order for customer pick up