24 March 2010

New Beers as of 3/24 @ Stockertown Beverage

Atwater: Maibock
Breckenridge: Agave Wheat Ale, Summer Bright Ale
Duck Rabbit: Barleywine
Erie: Golden Fleece Maibock
Pretty Things: Fluffy White Rabbits (Hoppy Tripel), Once Upon a Time Series: Feb. 27th, 1832 Mild
Ramstein: Maibock
River Horse: Hopalotamus Double IPA
Rock Art: Vermonster Barleywine
Southampton: Spring Variety Case, Biere d' Mars
Summit: Spring Sampler case, Maibock, Rye IPA (Unchained Series)
Thomas Hooker: American Pale Ale, Imperial Porter, Liberator Doppelbock
Tommyknocker: Oaked Butthead Bock

1 comment:

Jim said...

I was there yesterday. They have Founders Double Trouble in the basement (just ask for it). There is just Ramstein Wheat. There was no Ramstein Maibock in bottles (its draft only-I'd love a bottle of it). They have the SH variety cases for $27. They also have Riverhorse variety cases for $36. There are two cases left of Bells Hopslam for $70 each. Lots of Nugget Nectar cases still there.