28 December 2010

New Beers as of 12/28 @ Stockertown Beverage

Pretty things- Baby Tree  & Jack D'or bottles bottles & 1/2s, St Boltoph's 1/2s. (draft very limited)
Atwater- Winter Bock& Vodoovator bottles & 1/2s, Vanilla Java Porter bottles, 1/6s & 1/2s
Boaks Variety cases
Duck Rabbit- Baltic porter cases & 1/2s
Tommyknocker- Cocoa porter, Butthead bock, sampler, Maple Nut brown, Pick Axe pale ale, Imperial nut brown cases
               Maple nut brown 1/2s, Hopstrike 24/16oz bottles
Thomas Hooker- Nor'easter bottles
Southampton IPA bottles
Lancaster Barn variety & Milk Stout cases
Jolly Pumpkin Maracaibo 25oz bottles & 1/6s(very limited)
Founders- Centennial, Reds rye, Dirty Bastard, Double Trouble cases & 1/2s
               Pale ale cases!! (Variety and Porter cases not 'til next shipment)
Sorry to inform you that the Lancaster Winter Warmer cases have sold out in record time this season!!! Keep an eye out, Rumspringa may be coming in 12oz CANS!

18 December 2010

New & Holiday Beers as of 12/18 @ Stockertown Beverage

What's New!!!
Breckenridge Lucky You IPA 12oz cans( Avalanche Ale also comes in cans)
Tommyknocker Cocoa porter, Butthead Bock, Pick Axe Pale Ale 12oz bottles
        16oz Hop Strike black rye IPA
        12oz Soda's- Root beer, Orange cream, Strawberry cream
        1/2s Maple Nut brown
Boaks Variety 12oz( Double BW. Monster mash,Two Blind monks)
Ramstein Dunkel 12oz and draft. Revelation Lager, Blonde, Double
        Platinum Blonde & Winter draft
Lancaster Winter warmer 12oz and draft.
Lancaster Milk stout 12oz BACK IN STOCK!!!
Thomas Hooker Nor'easter 12oz
Erie variety, Ol'Red 12oz(only available in select counties!)
River Horse oatmeal milk stout  & Belgian freeze in 12oz and draft (only available in select counties)
Lake Placid Winter Lager 12oz & draft, Ubu Ale & IPA 12oz
Summit Unchained- limited release(Imperial Pumpkin Porter)12oz & draft
Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter 12oz & 1/2s, variety ARRIVING WEEK OF 12/20
Christmas beers available!
Ridgeway insanely bad elf 12oz
Jolly Pumpkin Noel de Calabaza 25oz
Hoppin' Frog Frosted Fraug 22oz
Ridgeway Curious Collection gift pack
Noel de Geants 12oz & 1.5L
Mikkeller Red/White Xmas 1.5L
De Ranke Pere Noel 12oz & 30L keg

15 December 2010

New Beers as of 12/15 @ Stockertown Beverage

Atwater Block: Voodoovator Doppelbock, Winter Bock
Boaks: Monster Mash RIS, Wooden Beanie Bourbon Ale
Breckenridge: Luck You IPA (new cans!), Christmas Ale
Climax: Doppelbock
Cricket Hill: Reserve Series: Wet Hop Dark Mild, Barleywine
Duck Rabbit: Swartzbier
Erie: Ol' Red Cease & Desist
Founders: Breakfast Stout
Hoppin' Frog: Frosted Frog Christmas Ale
Lancaster: Boss Hog Double IPA, Winter Warmer
Ramstein: Winter Wheat Doppelbock, Dunkel Weizen, Revelation Lager
River Horse: Oatmeal Milk Stout, Belgian Freeze
Rock Art: Belvidere Big IPA
Roy Pitz: Lay Down Stay Down, Daddy Fat Sacks IPA
Southampton: Imperial Porter, Saison Deluxe
Summit: Horizon Red, Imperial Pumpkin Porter
Thomas Hooker: Nor'easter Winter Lager
Tommyknocker: Cocoa Porter, Hop Strike IPA
Nogne-O: Dark Horizon, Red Horizon, Sweet Horizon
Mikkeller: Beer Geek Breakfast, Beer Geek Brunch
Struise: Black Albert
Drie Fonteinen: Oude Geuze, Schaersbeekse Kriek
Hoook Norton: Hooky Gold, Hooky Bitter, Hooky Double Stout, Old Hooky

geants noel 1.5L
geants noel 12oz
ridgeway insanely bad elf 12oz
de ranke pere noel 12oz
mikkeller red/white xmas 1.5L
jolly pumpkin noel 25oz
hoppin' frog frosted fraug 22oz
ridgeway curious collection gift packs
Thomas hooker Nor'easter, liberator dopplebock, Imperial porter 12oz
atwater winter 12oz
summit unchained(Imp pumpkin porter), Extra pale ale, IPA, Porter, Horizon Red 12oz
crick hill porter, Hopnotic IPA, EC lager,Colonol blides bitter & American Ale 12oz
duck rabbit schwartzbier,milk stout, Amber & brown 12oz
southampton Imp porter 12oz
Lake placid winter,Ubu ale, IPA 12oz
lancaster winter 12oz
1/6 breck xmas
1/6 & 1/2s crick hill porter
1/6 & 1/2s crick hill reserve
1/6 & 1/2s lancaster winter warmer
1/6 & 1/2s lancaster boss hog
1/2 lake placid winter
1/2 rock art imp pumpk spruce stout
1/6 & 1/2s pitz old jail
1/6 & 1/2s roy pitz lay down
1/6 &1/2s daddy fat sacks IPA
1/6 south imp porter
1/6 & 1/2s summit winter
1/6 & 1/2s summit unchained
30L de ranke pere noel
30L key struisse tjeeses
50L bad elf
50L very bad elf
30L jenlain noel

01 December 2010

New Beers as of 12/1 @ Stockertown Beverage

Boaks: Monster Mash R I S, Two Blind Monks Belgian Dubbel, Double BW Belgian Wheat
Breckenridge: Regal Imperial Pilsner, Christmas Ale, Lucky You IPA (cans!)
Cricket Hill: American Ale, Paymaster Porter
Duck Rabbit: Wee Heavy
Founders: Breakfast Stout,
Hoppin' Frog: Frosted Frog Christmas Ale, Double Pumpkin Ale
Ramstein: Winter Wheat Doppelbock
River Horse: Oatmeal Milk Stout, Belgian Freeze, Tripel
Rock Art: Belvidere Big IPA, Imperial Pumpkin Spruce Stout
Southampton: Saison Deluxe, Imperial Porter
Roy Pitz: Daddy Fat Sacks, Lay Down Stay Down
Summit: Imperial Pumpkin Porter, Winter Ale
Thomas Hooker: Nor'easter Winter Lager
Shelton Brothers Imports: Bad Elf, Very Bad Elf, Seriously Bad Elf, Criminally Bad Elf, Insamely Bad Elf, Curious Collection Christmas Gift Packs, Christmas in Belgium Gift Pack, more awesome goodies to come!!!

17 November 2010

New Beers as of 11/17 @ Stockertown Beverage

Boaks: Monster Mash RIS, Two Blind Monks Dubbel, Double BW Ale, Wooden Beanie (Bourbon  Aged Abbey Ale)
Breckenridge: Christmas Ale, Luck You IPA (12 oz cans!), 471 Double IPA
Cricket Hill: Cricket Hill Reserve Series: Barleywine, Bourbon Barleywine, Wet-Hopped Dark Mild
Duck Rabbit: Schwartzbier, Wee Heavy Scottish Ale
Erie: Ol' Red Wee Heavy
Founders: Breakfast Stout
Hoppin' Frog: Frog Hollow Double Pumpkin Ale
Innstadt: Doppelbock, Schwartzbier, Stadlbier, Neues Helles, Edelsud
Schlaegel: Roggen Gold, Kristall, Urquell, Red Ale
Middle Ages: Wailing Wench, Variety Cases
Penn: Pilsner, Dark, Weizen, Octoberfest
River Horse: Tripel, Hop Hazard Ale, Hoppalotamus Double IPA, Lager
Rock Art: Imperial Pumpkin Spruce Stout
Roy Pitz: Daddy Fat Sacks IPA, Old Jail Ale
Southampton: Pumpkin Ale, Imperial Porter
Summit: Winter Ale, Winter Sampler Case
Thomas Hooker: Hop Meadow IPA, Variety Case
Shelton Brothers Imports: Holiday Beers from: De Ranke Pere Noel, Jenlain, Geants, De Struise, Mikkeller, Nogne_O, Ridgeway (Bad Elf, Santa's Butt, etc)

03 November 2010

New Beers at Stockertown Beverage as of 11/3

Ramstein: Winter Wheat Doppelbock
River Horse: Tripel Horse, Hopalotamus Double IPA, Special Ale
Erie: Ol' Red Wee Heavy
Summit : Winter Ale, Winter Sampler Case, Horizon Red Ale

27 October 2010

New/Coming Soon Beers as of 10/27 @ Stockertown Beverage

StockertownJust thought you’d want a peek at some of the great new beers coming into Stockertown beverage:


Boaks: Wooden Beanie Bourbon Vanilla Aged Ale
Breckenridge: Christmas Ale
Duck Rabbit: Marzen, Doppelbock
Erie: Railbender, Fallenbock
Founders: Breakfast Stout, Harvest Ale,  Backwoods Bastard (available 11/1/10)
Penn: Pilsner, Octoberfest, Dark, Weizen
Ramstein: Winter Wheat Doppelbock
River Horse: Belgian Freeze, Oatmeal Milk Stout
Rock Art: Imperial Pumpkin Spruce Stout, Belvidere Big IPA, Amer-Belgo IPA
Roy Pitz: Gobbler Fall Lager, Ichabod's Pumpkin Ale
Southampton: Pumpkin Ale, Imperial Porter
Summit: Winter Ale, Winter Sampler Case

20 October 2010

New Beers as of 10/20 @ Stockertown Beverage

Ramstein: Winter Wheat Doppelbock
Roy Pitz: Ichabod's Pumpkin Ale, Gobbler Ale, Daddy Fat Sacks IPA
Summit: Winter Ale, Winter Variety Case
Southampton: Imperial Porter

Shelton Brothers Imports: De La Senne Taras Boulba, Equinox, Zinnebir, and Stouterik. Page 24 Hildegarde Blonde, Blaugies La Moneuse, Darbyste , Saison D'Epetre. Haandbryggeriet Dark Force Stout, Norwegian Wood, Barrel Aged Porter. Hook Norton Bitter, Gold, Old Hooky and Double Stout.

14 October 2010

New Beers as of 10/14 @ Stockertown Beverage

Bear Republic: Racer 5 IPA 2/12 nr
Boaks: Aged Two Blind Monks, Wooden Beanie Ale
Breckenridge: Regal Pilsner, Christmas Ale
Climax: Octoberfest, Cream Ale
Cricket Hill: Cricket's Nocturne, Paymaster Porter, Fall Festivus Ale
Duck Rabbit: Marzen
Erie: Fallenbock, Heritage Alt
Founders: Breakfast Stout, Harvest Ale
Penn: Octoberfest, Pilsner, Dark, Weizen (brewed in Pittsburgh, Pa. and tasting GREAT!)
Pretty Things: 1901 "KK" (Once Upon a Time Ale)
Ramstein: Octoberfest, Double Platinum Blonde, Winter Wheat Doppelbock
River Horse: Hippolantern imperial Pumpkin Ale
Rock Art: Belvidere Big IPA, Imperial Pumpkin Spruce Stout
Thomas Hooker: Octoberfest
Tommyknocker: Hop Strike Black IPA

15 July 2010

Founders Brewing Event @ Backyard Ale House – 29 July 2010

FoundersLogo Many of the details are still being finalized but it looks like Founders Brewing will be putting on a tasting event with Stockertown Beverage @ the Backyard Ale House on July 29th from 6PM-9PM.  Stay tuned for more details to follow but it looks like we’ll see at least three beers to sample .

02 June 2010

Philly Beer Week with Stockertown Beverage.

From Chuck:

Stockertown Beverage is an active participant in Philly Beer Week. We have numerous visiting breweries from around the globe (Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen, Nogne-O, etc.). Details are available at www.stockertownbeverage.com , click on the Events tab for a day-by-day listing.

24 May 2010

Stockertown Beverage

Stockertown I stopped down to visit Stockertown Beverage on Sunday to check out their beer selection, and boy was I pleasantly surprised.  Stockertown Beverage, (as many of you already know already) has a great selection of craft beer and an especially huge selection of great beers like Founders, Bear Republic, Hoppin Frog and many others  Chuck and John were also nice enough to give us the tour of their beverage coolers and beer storage, and it was an amazing.  Don’t be fooled by the size of the building, Stockertown Beverage has a huge selection of bottled and kegged craft beer and yes we of course brought some home.  When you do stop by, be sure to check out the smaller room just beyond the counter for their extensive Belgian beer selection.

19 May 2010

New Beers as of 5/19 @ Stockertown Beverage

Atwater: Dirty Blonde Ale
Breckenridge: Summer Bright Ale, Agave Wheat, Avalanche (in 12 oz cans!)
Climax: Helles Lager, ESB, Cream Ale
Cricket Hill: Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale, 500th Batch Reserve Barleywine
Duck Rabbit: Rabid Duck Russian Imperial Stout, Barleywine
Innstadt: Stadlbier, Edelsud
Schlaegl: Doppelbock, Red Ale, Kristall, Roggen Gold
Ramstein: Double Platinum Blonde
Roy Pitz: Best Blonde, Mac Cullogh's Scottish Ale
Southampton: Keller Pils
Thomas Hooker: Watermelon Ale
Shelton Brothers Imports: Struise Black Albert, Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast, Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch, Jandrain Saison IV, Jandrain Saison V

05 May 2010

New Beers as of 5/5 @ Stockertown Beverage

Southampton: Keller Pils, Saison Deluxe
Breckenridge: Avalanche (now in 12 oz cans!), Agave Wheat Ale, Summer Bright Ale
Cricket Hill: Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale
Duck Rabbit: Rabid Duck Russian Imperial Stout
Roy Pitz: Scottish Ale
Ramstein: Maibock, Double Platinum Blonde

24 March 2010

New Beers as of 3/24 @ Stockertown Beverage

Atwater: Maibock
Breckenridge: Agave Wheat Ale, Summer Bright Ale
Duck Rabbit: Barleywine
Erie: Golden Fleece Maibock
Pretty Things: Fluffy White Rabbits (Hoppy Tripel), Once Upon a Time Series: Feb. 27th, 1832 Mild
Ramstein: Maibock
River Horse: Hopalotamus Double IPA
Rock Art: Vermonster Barleywine
Southampton: Spring Variety Case, Biere d' Mars
Summit: Spring Sampler case, Maibock, Rye IPA (Unchained Series)
Thomas Hooker: American Pale Ale, Imperial Porter, Liberator Doppelbock
Tommyknocker: Oaked Butthead Bock

17 March 2010

New Beers as of 3/17 @ Stockertown Beverage

New Brews:
Southampton: Biere deMars, Spring Variety Case
Erie: Maibock, Drake's Crude Oatmeal Stout
Duck Rabbit: Barleywine
Roy Pitz: Chicken Leg Stout
Thomas Hooker: Liberator Doppelbock, Imperial Porter, American Pale Ale in 12 oz nr's
Summit: Maibock, Spring Samplers

More goodies on the way!